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Retiring and Investing in Panama’s Pacific Riviera –
The World’s No. 1 Wealth Protection Haven

Panama: The World’s No. 1 Wealth Protection Haven

  • Recession-free for nearly 20 years (After a COVID slump in 2020, the economy is on track to grow 12% in 2021)
  • High Income Nation
  • US Dollar Accepted
  • Strategic Location, Direct Flights to Almost Anywhere
  • Live in Luxury on $24,000 a Year
  • 0% Income Tax on Your US Income (Like Social Security) and 0.5% Property Tax
  • You are NOT required to report private property in Panama to the US Government
  • Secure Banking and Privacy Laws (no central bank!)
  • Own on the Beach for as low as $112,000 (with opportunities for income and gains – see more below)

*According to good faith estimates by real estate expert. No return is guaranteed. All investing carries risk. See the bottom of the page for more information about these estimates.

“Why is life better here? Well, it’s warmer, I don’t shovel snow. I buy beer for under $1. I’m 10 minutes from a beach, and I play softball all year round.”

American in Panama (and Sports Bar Owner) Jim T.

Why American Retirees Are Choosing to Live and Invest in Panama’s Pacific Riviera

Higher taxes. High inflation. A stock market bubble. And a fundamental shift in the values of our country.

If you don’t want to spend your retirement watching your wealth fritter away... and your freedoms erode... then please read this short message. 

There’s a white sand coastline just 2 hours from Houston... where every dollar in your savings account is worth up to 10 TIMES more... where taxes are 0%... where they haven’t had a financial crisis in over 20 years (even during 2008)... where you can live on the beach in total comfort and security... all on just $24,000 a year...

American retirees, including many veterans, are already retiring and investing there...

The tap water is drinkable…the roads first-rate…healthcare high quality and much lower cost than the U.S. I splurge more. I eat out more often. Friends and family back home were nervous when I told them I was moving to Panama. Now, they’re green with envy when they hear about my lifestyle.

Expat Margaret S.

Panama has stunning white sand beaches like California...with little surf towns popping up along the coast... has a world-class metropolis like New York (but in the style of Miami, with a Johns Hopkins affiliated hospital, US trained doctors, major corporations like Dell and Nestlé, and American university campuses)’s had its share of famous residents like John Wayne and US Senator John McCain...and investors like Donald Trump...

...they even use the US dollar... and speak English...

But unlike New York, California, or Washington, this country has a very different attitude towards YOUR wealth and property and freedom...

Having traveled when we were in the military, we liked the idea of living overseas...Before we moved to Panama work just got in the way of our hobbies. Now we do what we want.

American Chris G.

Rather than take and take from you to support projects you don’t agree with and special interest groups you’re not a part of...

...Panama wants to help you protect and grow what you have.

In Panama:

...most US retirees will enjoy a 0% income tax and only 0.5% property tax... enjoy some of the most secure banking and privacy laws in the world (private property in Panama is NOT reportable to the US NO central bank)...

...if you’re over 55, you can tap into their Retirement Pensioner’s Program (without ever having to pay a cent into it!)... on top of your social security! (More details in your FREE report and video series...Click here)

...thanks to a new incentive, brand new condos on Panama’s Pacific Riviera are going for as little as $112,000 (with estimated gains of $138,000 over five years) (more detail here)

...PLUS this new incentive also opens up a potential income stream of up to $37,000 a year... (find out more here)

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After Serving Their Country, They Couldn’t Afford a Comfortable Retirement in the US. Then They Found Panama...

After serving in the US Army, Bill had heart bypass surgery and was diagnosed with diabetes. Retirement was looking grim for him and his wife Lynn.

“Even though Bill was on disability, Medicare, and we had supplement insurance, the medical expenses were outrageous,” says Lynn. “We could afford our meds but little else. We felt this was no way to spend our final years, as we had both worked all our lives.”

Now living in Panama, Lynn reported back in 2017: “Life is better here, because our money stretches a lot further. Bill’s diabetes pens cost $400 a month in the U.S. (for a package of five). Here, five pens cost us $144.”

Many doctors you’ll use in Panama are English speakers who trained in the US.

There’s even a Johns Hopkins affiliated hospital.

Doctors still do house calls here. And if you need to get in touch with your cardiologist... just text him!

Says 57-year-old Katherine G., another veteran’s wife living in Panama:

“I had surgery in the city not long ago. The care and service were excellent, and my out-of-pocket cost was only $900. And, as usual, the doctor gave me her personal cell phone number in case I needed to reach her.”

Meanwhile, Katherine’s health insurance costs just $2,600 year (including the cost of medicines!)

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In Panama You’re Up to 10 TIMES Richer!

Panama is a high-income nation... not the dusty third world.

First world Panama City

It also uses the US Dollar as its currency.

And yet, every dollar in your bank account here is worth up to 10 TIMES more than it is in the US!

[In the US] we could afford our meds but little else. We felt this was no way to spend our final years, as we had both worked all our lives.

[Today] we are 20 minutes from the beach and 40 minutes from the mountains. We are just over a mile from the marina, where we can get fresh fish and shrimp daily. Our two-bedroom, two-bathroom home only costs us $450 a month in rent, and that includes water and garbage.

Lynn C., wife of military veteran

Picture how much do you have in savings today.

Now multiply that number TIMES TEN...

How would that change your life? Would you spend more time playing golf... dining out with friends... helping your grandkids pay for school... donating to charity...

What could your life be if you had the financial freedom to truly do what you want?

In Panama... where you can live in comfort for only $24,000 a year... maybe it’s time to find out.

Right now, you can get this complete Invest and Retire in Panama series – including guides and 4 videos – all for FREE.

But fair warning: this is a limited time offer.

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A Country Immune to Financial Crisis?

Early Spanish explorers called Panama "the door to the seas and the key to the universe."

Sure enough, Panama's strategic location has turned it into an economic powerhouse.

The Panama Canal made $2.7 billion last year (despite COVID!)...

Aside from last year’s dip (due to COVID), Panama’s economy has been recession free for nearly 20 years (even in ’08!).

Being at the center of global trade has made Panama the headquarters of companies such as Proctor & Gamble, 3M, Samsung and more... 140 multinationals call it home due to the government’s business-savvy policies.

“They really have no competition in the region. It’s English-speaking, it’s easy to get there, they have relatively good infrastructure, and they have the canal. As long as they have all of those advantages, I think they’re going to be in good shape.”

Mauro Guillén of Wharton School of Business

Spend time in Panama City and you'll see supercars roaring past...

Brunches of Eggs Benedict washed down with champagne...

Sparkling jewelry dripping off necks and wrists...

And malls packed to the gills with designer fashions...

Panama City is the picture of a cosmopolitan city—like a "Baby Singapore." Or, another Hong Kong.

The city is an iconic series of shiny-glass high-rises, facing onto the shores of the Bay of Panama.

Because of the boom in Panama City, development is now snaking its way down the Pacific coast, where new communities are popping in the model of Southern California surf towns.

A New Boom: The SoCal Surf Towns of Panama’s Pacific Riviera...

Where Real Estate Values Soared 50% in Less Than 3 Years...

Panama City’s prosperity is fueling a real estate super boom along Panama’s Pacific Riviera.

Take a look...

A rendering of one of the Pacific Riviera’s new communities – you could own here for under $200,000

Once sleepy farmland, Panama’s Pacific Riviera is being transformed in the model of Southern California surf towns like Huntington Beach.

The winds and waves there are just right, especially for kite surfing. People already come from all over the world to surf. As word gets out, demand will explode. (It's also an amazing swimming beach.)

But there's one huge difference between Californian towns like Huntington and the Pacific Riviera.


You'd be extremely lucky to get a condo in Huntington Beach for $350,000.

But brand new (often fully furnished) condos on Panama’s Pacific Riviera are going for less than $150,000.

The white sand beach in front of the Pacific Riviera’s “Surf City, Panama” – condos recently sold here for just $112,000 – one real estate expert expects them to be worth over $250,000 in the next five to seven years.

Some early America investors have already seen huge paper gains.

For example, the value of the condos at a community called The Palms jumped from $199,000 to $299,999 in less than three years.

But right now, thanks to the world-wide COVID slowdown, Panama’s government is giving an unprecedented deal to Americans like you.


“It’s like getting paid $68,000 to live on the beach!”



(in the world’s No. 1 wealth haven)


As part of a program dubbed “The Great Bailout,” Panama’s government has created what amounts to a discount of up to $68,000 on your beach front condo.

It’s like getting paid $68,000 to live on the beach!

Based on these discounts, one real estate expert estimates that buyers could see gains of up to $138,000 over the next five to seven years.

PLUS, this program also paves the way to generate income from your real estate... as much as $38,000 a year.*

*The gain and income examples on this page are good faith estimates from a real estate expert. $138,000 represents the estimated gain, five years from delivery, for a $112,000 condo. $38,000 represents the estimated yearly rental income on a $144,200 condo. No return is guaranteed. All investing carries risk. These estimates come from specific deals, which may or may not remain available by the time you read this.

As word gets out about this deal and real estate prices rise, this amazing program is unlikely to last.

But you can find out more – for FREE – when you get your Retire and Invest in Panama series, including a full report on real estate opportunities in Panama... as well as a guided tour of the hottest beach destination on the Pacific Riviera... and two Master Series videos on buying real estate and generating income in Panama...

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